UFO Sightings
Kaua'i and Ni'ihau


Lihu'e Area.

At Club Jetty around 3-4 am, several people observed a bright orange light in the direction of Hanama'ulu. It was bouncing, showing irregular movement, going up and down and fast to slow. The angle was approximately 60 degree. It suddenly disappeared. No sound could be heard. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class. Informant is anonymous.

Kapa'a Area

Around October 4 or 5, 1976, a bright light was seen out at sea. It was multi-colored, blue, orange, red and said to be brighter than the stars. Its movements was irregular. It traveled very fast but with no sound. Recorded by D. Miyake , Fall 76 class.  Informant was a police officer.

December 1974. A police officer saw a large orange light. Other officers also viewed the light. The object was viewed at a45 degrees angle and then climbed to 80 degrees bounced abit, speeded up, slowed down and disappeared at great speed. this was at Keapana, Kapaa. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 78 class. 

Mahelona Hospital area, Kapaa. November 16, 1973. 3:15 p.m. the staff of the hospital observed an object described as 15-20 feet, transparent like a 2 x 4 frame (?) approximately 500 feet high with no sound. It was losing altitude as it came from the direction of the ocean. It was estimated to be heading for a landing in the Kapahi area. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class. Informant was Mahelona staff.

Kauai sands, Kapaa. January 2, 1975 at 2:45 pm. Photos were taken of an object which had no sound and was moving slowly. Its color was a white to silver ; had a black stripe on its perimeter, a row of lights on the upper edge and it flew below the clouds around 5000 ft altitude. Recorded by Mike Lindstrom, Winter'75

December 1975. Police officer witnessed a bright light at sea level, described as oval shaped, a bright orange color. It moved along the horizon at great speed, there was no sound. It then flew inland, up into the trees and moved toward Anahola. Recorded by D. Miyake , Fall 76 class.

Kealia Area Kealia. A second Police officer on December 1975 saw the same object as the previous sighting. The object was triangular in shape, a bright orange light and had 3 lights, one was blinking, one was dim and the other was strong. It was observed about 1 mile out at sea. It was a quiet windless, beautiful night. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class.

Po'ipu-Koloa Area, Kukuiula. A week after the sighting on Sept. 1975, a second police officer observed a triangular shaped body over the ocean in the area of Spouting Horn. It had lights on all borders, 3-4 lights flashing beneath its body, blue, green, sometimes white. It traveled very slowly at first and instantly very fast. There was no sound. The object was viewed by the officer with binoculars. Recorded by D. Miyake , Fall 76 class.


Koloa-Poipu Area A routine patrol on Sept. 1975 between 2:30-3:00 am. Two officers saw the triangular shaped object with rounded points at about 1000 ft altitude. It was described as around 40 ft on each side and was of a luminous gold color. It had 2 bright lights under the belly, flashing every 2 seconds and had a soft humming sound. The object hovered over the Kukuiula harbor for 30 sec. and continued westward toward Port Allen at around 25 mph. Recorded by D. Miyake Fall 76 class.

Hanapepe area Hanapepe area, around 2:30-3:00 a.m. about 1/2 mile at sea traveling at the same altitude, speed and direction, an object that was viewed at Kukuiula the night before was observed. Police officer viewed object from Burns Field. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class.

Burns field, Hanapepe. August 1976 , around 1:00 a.m. a large yellow-orange light was seen in the sky by the light house. The night was clear, there were no clouds. The object moved horizontally at different speeds. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class.

Port Allen, Hanapepe, July 1975, 2:30 a.m. on a moonless night. As a police officer was approaching the Young Brothers pier at Port Allen, he noticed a light which was smaller than the moon but larger then the stars. As he turned his flashlight on it the lights would go off and then turn on (red, green, blue lights). Then it disappeared. Recorded by D. Miyake , Fall 76 class.

Burns Field, Hanapepe, Oct. 1970, around 1:00 a.m. a police officer saw a red-orange light over Niihau. A light blue color was moving around 600 mph toward Kauai and flew towards Burns Field and then it flew back to Niihau to join the red-orange lights. Everything occurred very quickly. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class.

Kiakea. A bright blue-white light out at sea, bounced back and forth at about 10 degrees. It flashed repeatedly blue to white. there was no sound. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class.

Waimea area

While playing tennis, the players saw a bright white color with a vivid blue dot in the middle flashing toward the mountain. It had orange, red-flashing, green lights.
C. Snyder F75.

No Place Name Association About 5 persons went torching [torch-fishing] at around 5 a.m. They saw a large orange light in the sky, moving very fast and disappeared. They though it was the moon but there was no moon that night. Recorded by D. Miyake, Fall 76 class.


Mana Area; 1942. Informant : Mrs. Thelma H. Rogers, August 22, 1970 to Dr. James Macdonald, Univ. of Arizona.. UFO on Kaua'i.
 The date. I could give you the date, within 10 days if I could find a record of the opening of the Barking Sands airport-built during the war emergency, after Pearl Harbor-early in 1942 is as near as I can make it. Somewhere there must be a record of it.  Time. Plantation time changes with the 4 seasons so would be useless if I could give it. But: It was early morning, still only gray light of a clear day, but too late for stars to show, and I could see the outlines of the hills back of Kekaha and below the UFO after it traveled from Mana to Kekaha. The place of the sighting: I was in Kekaha, a little east of the sugar mill. The object, when I first saw it, was apparently on or near the ground. I believe on the ground, because the rays of light were something like this (fig 1. not given) with little algaroba trees silhoutted in fron of it. The center of radiation [of the rays] at this position ranged from horizontal to perpendicular to complete the semicircle this is not a very good description, perhaps- I mean something like this. I have exaggerated the horizontal and vertical only to show the directions of the rayed light ranging from horizontal to vertical at the top which was confluent except at the outer part. The light was very bright, very white but not dazzling and continued observation did not bother ones eye [as an electric arc torch used in drilling metal in construction work, but the whiteness was similar].

I do not have a map to refer to to get the distances and exact positions but will send the Sierra Club pictorial. I was told Mana was about 3 miles by the road, less as the crow flies and the light may have been nearer the newly opened army airport called Barking Sands airport.

Within a few seconds the light swooped up over the trees in a perfect sweeping motion to its stopping place 20 feet above and west of the eucalptus trees. The 20 feet was never measured and is only as I judged it to be, judging by the only dimension I knew..... My lot, where I lived was said to be 100 by 100 feet and adjoined the assistant manager's yard and is my basis for believing the object was about 50 feet long.

 Witnesses. I was alone when I saw the object. No one was out on the road at that time of the morning. However, Mrs. Violet Hughes, school teacher, wife of Henry Hughes who was then in charge of the plantation policing, saw it from her back porch and reported it to the plantation office 5 minutes before I did--or about 5 minutes.

Mrs. Hughes lived about 3 blocks further east than the spot from which I observed it. She saw it head on and therefore saw only the huge headlight, just as my first view had been, entirely concealing the green body behind the headlight. As soon as she saw it she ran to her telephone-- she had to call the operator who then called the manager of the plantation, at that time Mr. Lindsay Faye. Whether or not the operator first tried to reach him at his home I dont know, but he was in his office. The extra time, if she called his residence first would have indicated how long this thing was visible. I believe it was visible about three minutes in all, but that is purely guessing. Time was one of the least things I was concerned with then.

When the U.F.O. had faded in situ, completely, leaving only the few remaining sparks from the jet-like expulsion of sparks (?) I watched until each spark from the diminished exhaust had finally drifted down about twenty feet - each spark went out separately as they reached about 20 feet below where the object had been visible.

The sparks were about the size of a lady's handkerchief and looked like slightly reddish gold goldfoil, crinkled, and almost as light in weight as the air, judging by their graceful dipping and floating downward. It was uncanny but reassuring to see the sparks, emitted while the object was still visible, still as bright as ever after the object could no longer be seen. But the army radar report was of an unidentified object in the area all that morning. As far as I know there were no more sparks after the thing became invisible.. I feel sure it was still there. The sparks were real - after the object vanished. But I saw no residue from these large sparks when they once were extinguished.


 The headlight began to appear thinner, less bright, and the rays were getting shorter. Perhaps I should not have used the word retract, but how else would rays grow shorter -possibly only because they were less powerful ? But as slowly as you can observe, the rays shortened - as they paled, getting thinner and shorter until nothing of them was left - leaving the bald green front of the object bare. The behavior of this thing has no comparison with anything I have ever seen. Could it have had some sort of electromagnetic control that made it possible to maintain its position so perfectly without drifting or dipping ? It certainly seemed to have control of gravity.

The size of the figure that developed in the gray rectangle on the at first plane, bald front. I shall have to tell you how I can even hint at the size. The only measurement I have is the size of the lot - see the sketch on page 4 (fig. 3) And of course, it cannot be entirely accurate as to the exact size of Mr. Hans Hanson's entrance, which was smaller than the rest of his lot because of the 100 by 100 piece taken out of the lot on which I lived.

I was once told it was 100 by 100. I did not own the lot and do not remember who told me the size or whether that was accurate but I believe it was. judging by that, the estimated position of the eucalyptus trees and the area the body and headlight covered, I imagine the object was 50 feet long not counting the exhaust trail which, in high speed was longer than the green body - straight out behind at highest speed I saw - drooping when the object slowed, and decreasing markedly in volume until only jet-like expulsions of "sparks?" appeared. If the object were 50 feet long, and about the shape I have indicated, I believe the gray rectangle might have been 8 or 10 feet long - shaped in proportion much like a door. The figure the would be a couple of feet shorter, or perhaps 6 to 8 feet high, and proportionately narrower. The rectangle covered most of the center front. The proportions and symmetry were beautiful.  The object did not move but faded out with the intense vibrations of the front electric? current in the pattern I drew- in situ.

 Mr. Faye, the manager, and Mr. Hansen, the assistant manager both told me not to discuss the object - but not until they could have talked with the army because I obeyed to the letter but remember that as soon as I reached home, having learned from Mr. Faye that Mrs. Hughes had already reported what she saw- I called her by phone and we had a brief discussion of it.

The rule on the plantation was that anything unusual was to be reported to the plantation office- and at their discretion be reported to the army. Again- after school, I called Mrs. Hughes again and she was apparently more nervous than she had been in the morning. Mrs. Hughes was half Hawaiian and she told me previously that she was interested in all the old Hawaiian legends and believed them. A surprising number of times their predictions seemed true, but I suspect the old kahunas may have helped things along a bit. My great grandfather had a little set-to with a kahuna.

That afternoon Mr. Faye asked me to keep still about what I had seen. A day or so later he volunteered to tell me what the army radar report was. The radar, as I heard it, does not show anything except by the position of currents (?) indicated an object in any vicinity shown on the radar screen.. I am not familiar with radar, and perhaps the report as I heard it is all I can say. I did not ever discuss the thing with the army officials.

The reason for the hush hush could be fear of panic. We were ":in the first line of defense" with practically no defense. Kauai had been entirely unfortified. And we were under orders that if any enemy vehicle of any kind approached we were not to defend ourselves with weapons. We were told to keep food for 3 days in our cars, and were given instructions as to which route to take to the mountains- in case of invasion- and how to render our cars unusable.
[what follows is a long rambling of comments on UFO which has no value here-Pila]

The fact that Mrs. Hughes saw only the front of the headlight and I saw the profile, is proof to me that the object was exactly where it appeared to be. That 2 angle view as reported by Mrs. Hughes, from her position, and by me from mine, was my basis for insisting to the management that the object was really over the Hansen's lot, close to their house and back of the eucalyptus trees.


Notes by Mrs. Rogers
First view. Where ink shows dark, was very bright white light, but not dazzling or irritating to the eye. When first seen the object appeared to be resting on the ground. As this point only the white light was seen.

When the light cleared the ground the full circle of light showed. The light appeared at first to be coming almost directly toward me. I ran through the shrubbery to get a better view and the body, luminous green, and the copious trail of fiery exhaust streaming out behind was then coming into sight. Before it stopped I got a view something like this:

The headlight like a huge pompom. White light. By the time it cam to a full and complete stop near the eucalyptus trees, over hansen;s yard, the exhaust had diminished greatly, and dropped downward.

At this stage jet-like expulsions of large crinkled flakes of fire colored sparks ? were seen at the rear-decreasing in number of "sparks" and the interval between expulsions lengthening until no more sparkss were expelled, but those 4 or 5 last ones were still visible, as be right as ever until they, one by one float down as low as the top of the eucalyptus trees, and each one in turn went out, leaving no discernable residue. The "flakes" were about as large as a woman's handkerchief, it appeared, and like very delicate slightly crinkled gold foil- so extremely light they hardly seemed to descent, but floated, almost suspended in the air.

As the exhaust started to come out in isolated jets, the headlight was growing shorter and thinner- (I should probably not have used the word retract, because I could not see it entering the green body- it just grew shorter, thinner, (paler?) less bright. This continued until no more headlight could be seen. There was a pause before I noticed on the bald, rounding front of the luminous, confined, green body ( by confined I mean smoothly outlined- but all a solid color), a faint- very faint gray line in shape of a rectangle- suggesting a door in shape. This was at an angle not full profile. I drew it as if at a full face view, but it was not, but the figure at that angle is not easy for me to draw.

...The figure was perfectly symmetrical. As the "vibrations?" increased to a terrific speed, the wiggly line became jagged.

....The point is that the object, once it stopped, and it came to a wonderfully controlled stop [ slowly almost abruptly without a jerk] it remained in that position without appearing to move a fraction of an inch. With no visible means of support it was fixed in that position as long as it was visible, until it dimmed- faded out completely- in situ.. The actual time of fading out was very brief. Perhaps 10 seconds ? I think not more than 15 or 20 at most. Absolutely nothing was then visible except the last expulsions of "sparks", which had occurred about the time the object started to fade. The sparks floated down slowly, as had the sparks from previous jets, and went out in the same way, leaving nothing to prove that anything had been there.

The Garden Island April 4,7,9,11,14, 1980

 A 1975 sighting of an unidentified flying object off Port Allen re-reported in Monday’s special edition of the Garden Island have a Haena man the courage to report another sighting Tuesday night. Two Haena men were driving home at about 10:00 p.m. Tuesday when they noticed an object—“brighter than any star you can imagine”--hovering a little ways above the ocean.

 They noticed it when they were passing Lumahai beach, and a little while later they pulled over near the Bali Hai Restaurant and watched it for another 10 minutes.

The object, the witness said, shown with a bright white light, but at times they could see a red flashing light. But the most astonishing thing was the way the light “juts faded...like someone dimmed the light,” he said.

 The sightings of a bright object off the north shore of Kaua’i was confirmed by a Wainiha woman, who said she also saw a brilliant light in the sky on Tuesday night...

...the woman said that she saw the object from her bedroom window, which faces the ocean, but did not consider it a “UFO.” She did not observe any red light and had thought it was perhaps a star ”falling very slowly through the sky.”

 It would seem that the UFO (or whatever) has been around Kauai in several places, since on Sunday a Westsider told the Garden Island that she had seen the same brilliant object...with red lights...in the sky Tuesday night near Kalaheo.